Sea Star Vineyards Summer Art Show

In July, August and September the Sea Star Vineyards will be hosting a large amount of summer art shows featuring Pender Island artists. Visit the website to learn more about the many events they are holding.

Event Dates

  • July 1,2,3- The Pender Show:
    • Putting Our Best Foot Forward, Frank Ducote and Susan Taylor
  • July 8,9,10- Stitches, Shapes, and Painted Escapes
    • Beata McDowell, Glenn Kappel, Ron Underhill
  • July 15,16,17- Art Off the Fence
    • Frank Ducote, Diane MacDonald, Alison Roberts, Dave Roberts, Annie Smith, Susan Taylor with guests Jennifer Lecour, Kelly Leroux, Susan Purney Mark and Kathleen Theriault
  • Aug 5,6,7- Creative Hearts
    • Dave and Allison Roberts, Janet Blakely, Eva Csipke, Colin McCrea
  • Aug 12,13,14- UnScene
    • Andrea Spalding, Annie Smith, Diana Fairclough, Stephen Fairclough
  • Aug 19,20,21- Trees, Trails and Tides
    • Kim Pollard, Rob Wilman, Caroline Davidson, Eve Pollard
  • Aug 26,27,28- Nature Prevails
    • Carla Babcock, Urs Boxler, Debbie Katz, Mike Shane
  • Sep 2,3,4,5- Expressions of Place
    • Kathleen Theriault, Monica Bennet, Susan Purney-Mark, Robin Timms, Jenn Lecour
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